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The Yoga Shala

The word “shala” is Sanskrit and it means “abode” or “home”.  Dharma Meghah Yoga Shala is a place that supports those interested in gathering, sharing, and growing in the development of the practice of Raja Yoga as a way of finding their way home.  This coming home is a heart-ward journey meant to bring us to the knowledge of Self found within.  The yoga practice at the Shala supports the 8 limbed path that is Raja Yoga, including the development of more strength, capacity and flexibility of the body, exploring more energy in the flow of breath, and establishing more focus with a stable and steady mind.

This journey is not about making the imperfect perfect; but rather removing the barriers that prevent us from allowing our highest truth of Self to pour forth through this human existence of ours.  The culmination of insights gained on this journey are expressed by the Sanskrit words “dharma meghah”, a term which comes from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (4.29), meaning “cloud of virtue”.  Classically, the steps taken on this yogic journey are done so intentionally; and it is through this systematic approach of peeling away our encumbrances, layers and projections that one gains the insight of Truth which is otherwise ignored.  A path that culminates in the virtuous fulfillment of being-ness in this human form.  

The Yogastha Sadhana method taught at the Shala is open to all level yogis.  Whether you are just starting your yoga journey or have been on it for some time, please feel welcomed to explore the depths of a yoga practice offered as a homecoming at Dharma Meghah Yoga Shala.

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