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The Practice of Yogastha Sadhana

 The Krishnamcharya Lineage  

Yogastha Sadhana is the practice taught at Dharma Meghah Yoga Shala.  It is a new system anchored in age-old, traditional yoga practices and teachings.  This method of yoga, designed by Karley’s teacher Todd Geiser, is established in fully developing the physical, mental and spiritual evolution for any aspirant on the yoga path.  Yogastha Sadhana is based on the lineage of teachings through Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, including his students - particularly Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and B.K.S. Iyengar.   These two student’s of Krishnamacharya, among others, brought a world-wide popularity to the practice of yoga by honoring the knowledge bestowed to them from the yoga master who was their teacher.

Krishnamachrya’s teachings were first and foremost the teachings of the yoga of Patanjali - the classical system of Raja Yoga established through an 8 limb practice. Asana, specifically with vinyasa, are essential practices for the yogi to remove the knots of contraction which prevent us from accessing deeper truths within.  The physical practice was an important cornerstone for any aspirant working with Krishnamacharya - along with an exactness of breath and body movement in what he called Vinyasa Krama “to arrange [the movement of breath and body] in a specific way”.  While these practices were a primary focus in Krishnamcharya’s teachings, the advancing limbs of Raja Yoga, such as pranayama and meditation, where indeed promoted as a regular and active part of an evolving yoga practice.

In this tradition, the physical practice of yoga must provide better bodily health for us while still pointing to the power and wisdom found through the proper use of the breath.  And this work with the breath must provide more sattvic energy in life for us, while still pointing to the advance of understanding the true nature of mind.  And the work of meditation must provide a steady state of mind, one of peace and equanimity, while still infusing the practitioner with a spiritual oxygen, to breath life into an experience beyond the transient.  The understanding of how the physical and energetic practices of yoga translates into an experiential knowledge of Truth as brought forth in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the basis of a lifetime of work of Krishnamacharya.

 Yogastha Sadhana  

Yogastha Sadhana is based on this approach with a practice which utilizes fully our physical potential and health while maintaining an adherence to the higher teachings of the Yoga Sutras.  There are 4 different set Series of postures structured throughout an exact vinyasa system - where the breath and body move together in perfect harmony.  Each of the 4 Series is designed with an anatomical understanding of development of yoga poses offering the student a safer, more efficient development through the physical challenges of these practices (please refer to the “Class Schedule” page for a full description of each of the four Series).  Each Series provides for the allowance that everyone comes to the yoga mat with a different history and that from that starting point many times a certain posture modification will be in order.  This system is put together in such a way for the student to learn specific modifications when needed which closely represents the state of the full posture so that all level practitioners will be able to work together in a group safely and effectively while maintaining a sense of the practice as a moving meditation.  

Each Series practice begins with a prescribed pranayama exercise (breath work).  Pranayama, as the 4th limb of practice, is understood as an exercise in itself, while it also properly prepares the student for the work in asana/vinyasa.  Meditation, as the 7th limb of practice, is formally incorporated at the conclusion of each Series.  This sitting period is in support of a higher mindedness with the offering of a chosen daily Yoga Sutra Contemplation.   

Yogastha Sadhana has been put together with firm and direct guidelines to keep the yogi on track, while recognizing that the very track the yogi is on ultimately leads to the boundless.  It is this philosophy which incorporates a 5th Series to this practice.  The 5th Series is a physical expression of clearer intuitive intelligence within, where the practitioner does not follow any external guidelines.  Rather, the student is encouraged toward listening at a deeper level to internal guidance of the body’s form as a conscious expression - being free to let the practice unfold in whatever way the practitioner chooses.  Being the 5th and final Series, this trust and authenticity of freedom comes from the disciplined, focused work of the preceding 4 prescribed Series.  

Yogastha Sadhana promotes a practice that is truly life changing both in developing a better understanding of the mind/body connetion, along with discovery of the depth and purity of Truth within.  The teacher/student relationship is honored and cherished with a closeness of guidance and support, while any structure on the path is seen as necessary only in the way it provides for a purer reflection for the true seeker.


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