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Class Info

Weekly Class Schedule

10:00 am
Series 2
10:00 am
Series 1

10:00 am
Yoga Boot Camp
10:00 am
Mixed Series

12 noon
Intro Class
4:30 pm
Intro Class

5:30 pm
Open Practice

6:30 pm
Series 1
6:30 pm
Series 2
6:30 pm
Yoga Boot Camp
6:30 pm
Series 1, 2 or 3
Class Pricing
  • Class Drop-In  $15
  • 1 Month Unlimited Class Pass  $120
  • 8 Class Punch Card (with 1 month expiration)  $85
  • 8 Class Punch Card (with 2 month expiration)  $110
  • Private Class (90 minute one-on-one lesson)  $100
Class & Shala Information
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class to give yourself proper time to begin class at the scheduled time.
  • As the Shala teaches a vigorous physical practice, please bring a towel/mat cover with you and prepare to sweat.
  • Each class on the schedule is 90 minutes long, with the exception of the Intro Classes (75 minutes) and Saturday's 10am Series Practice (105 minutes).
  • Friday's OPEN Practice is a self-led, teacher assisted program.  It is recommended that those coming to the Shala for the first time to take a led class before entering into the open practice.
  • The INTRO class is designed for those who are new to yoga or for experienced students who wish to revisit an emphasis on the fundamentals to the practice.
  • The Series classes are open to anyone familiar with the flow and pace of Sun Salutations.  The following is a synopsis of the focus of each Series:
- Series 1 is a lotus-based practice focusing on hip opening and a steady seated vinyasa sequence.
- Series 2 develops into stronger backbending and arm balances, and more developed inversions.
- Series 3 emphasizes endurance and strength, working the core, strong arm balances, and deep hip work.
- Series 4 offers more intricate postures of the deepest backbending, hip opening and stabilizing.
*As we advocate the practice of yoga as a daily practice (Sadhana) and as of great benefit to be developed and groomed over the course of a lifetime, we want to make sure you are entering into and practicing in the right class for that to happen.  Please feel free to contact Karley with any questions in getting your yoga practice well established at the Shala.
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